About RacingAwareness.com

About RacingAwareness.com

The Mission

raRacingAwareness.com and Racing Awareness Inc. are two separate entities that were created with the sole intent of providing children and their families from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, of West Michigan, who are experiencing or have experienced an illness or injury of a child, a diversion from the healthcare process utilizing the sport of auto racing.ra2

Through visits to the race track, autograph cards, driver meet and greets, phone calls, photographs, personal visits and so much more, Racing Awareness strives to provide joy and hope to these children and their families.  In addition, both Racing Awareness Inc. and RacingAwareness.com have aspired to raise funds and awareness and share education about Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and the nationally recognized resources it offers to the community. This is achieved through various initiatives including fundraisers, public expo appearances, special events as well as public and private donations. Racing Awareness Inc. and RacingAwareness.com as developed by Jeff Striegle and Norm Jelsma – March of 2010 Jeff Striegle, Racing Awareness Inc., owner and RacingAwareness.com President

  • »     GFS Marketplace, Sales Specialist with 18 years of service
  • »     Motor Racing Network (MRN), NASCAR radio broadcaster with 18 years of service.

Norm Jelsma, Racing Awareness Inc., owner and RacingAwareness.com Vice President

  • »     Zoup Fresh Soup Co., National Sales Representative
  • »     Berlin Raceway, retired public address announcer with 18 years of service

ra13 Racing Awareness Inc. ra3In 2014 Racing Awareness Inc. will launch into its fifth competitive season of short track racing at the Berlin Raceway located in Marne, Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids.   The team competes with two cars in the Super Late Model division, a class that closely resembles the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  In addition to being a championship winning race team (2011 Modified Division), RA exists to market and promote RacingAwareness.com supporting Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital with both cars competing under the HDVCH logo and colors. The use of race cars as a marketing tool to promote and build awareness for HDVCH was also geared towards the children of the hospital.  RA has enjoyed success both on and off the track by offering experiences in motorsports to children and their families that they would otherwise most likely not be able to experience. RA Drivers: Dave Lake (left) and Lauren Bush (right)  ra5 ra4 Over the past four years, more than 2,500 patients, families and staff associated with HDVCH have visited the Berlin Raceway (and Michigan International Speedway) on behalf of Racing Awareness.  Kids and their families have experienced driver meet and greets, pace car and race car rides, ra6delivering the command to start engines, waiving the green flag, just to mention a few.   RA has even delivered the racing experience by making personal hospital and home visits to young race fans that are not able to make it to the race track. RA, it’s about the kids

“Racing Awareness has come to mean so much to our family since its creation.  The impact it has made on Logan emotionally and socially will far outlast more than anyone can imagine.  It gives him something to look forward to and it lets him know that there are so many more people out there that care about him.  He has been given respect despite his disability and the dollars raised will greatly affect the care of thousands of other sick or hurting kids”. Karen Breuker HDVCH patient parent

RacingAwareness.com ra7Established in March of 2010, RacingAwareness.com is a Michigan based 501 c3 nonprofit charity based in Grand Rapids Michigan.  RacingAwareness.com’s efforts are focused on raising awareness and funds to launch and sustain programs and services provided by Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation.  RacingAwareness.com achieves this goal through the unique niche centered around auto racing. In tandem with Racing Awareness Inc, RacingAwareness.com provides patients and their families with an opportunity to experience auto racing as a diversion from the stresses of the healthcare process.  In addition, RacingAwareness.com has been able to reach a distinctive audience to raise awareness and funds.  RacingAwareness.com donates 100% of all proceeds to HDVCH. To date, RacingAwareness.com has raised more than $150,000 in support of Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital The Place, Its Professionals And Who They Serve The opening of the new Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on 1-11-11 marked a new era of children’s health care in West Michigan. ra6ra8 The 206-bed, 14-floor, 464,000 square foot facility represents more than four decades of steady progress in improving pediatric care and bringing pediatric specialists to the region. Now more than 7,600 children of every age, annually have a hospital dedicated to their unique health care needs. All of the care is provided by pediatric nurses, therapists and clinicians and there are more than 150 pediatric specialist physicians in 40 pediatric specialties. Community Service ra9RacingAwareness.com is a 100% volunteer based nonprofit charity proving service within the West Michigan community.  RacingAwareness.com would not be able to do what it does without its many dedicated volunteers, many of whom are providing community service for the very first time.  From manning the phones at the STAR 105.7 Think Outside Yourself Radiothon, to opening the 2013 Michigan International Auto Show, to participating in the West Michigan Golf Show, to the RacingAwareness.com bowling event and the annual RacingAwareness.com charity golf outing, RacingAwareness.com volunteers are active in providing awareness, education and fundraising year round. Stay Up To Date Follow us on the web at www.RacingAwareness.com and on Facebook, search RacingAwareness.com supporting Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. There you will find up to date information regarding both the Racing Awareness race team and our charity efforts.

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