Volunteer Today!

RacingAwarness.com Needs You!
RacingAwarness.com Needs You!

A week from today is Thanksgiving. Some will stay home and have family over while others will travel and visit family. The common thread is family.

Unfortunately not everyone will have a choice where they spend their Thanksgiving. For many, perhaps more than 100 families, their Thanksgiving will be spent with the amazing staff of people from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Sick and injured children from all parts of the country and from your neighborhood, will not be enjoying turkey dinners and Lions football, but be holding hands and in some cases holding on to hope.

It is for this reason that we volunteer to raise money in an effort to support these families in all ways possible. It is for this reason that we ask you to volunteer. It is for this reason that we ask for your support with us this weekend, before you turn your attention to your family and to your celebration.

Emergency room calls, admissions and surgeries at HDVCH are 24/7, they will not stop for the weekend or a holiday. While we can’t be with the children and their families as the endure clinics and procedures, we can offer our time in their honor to raise funds and awareness. The time of a child’s first cancer surgery often times is 4 to 8 hours … we are asking for 5 ½ hours. Please consider volunteering. Please click here: http://vols.pt/wHeKXd to sign up for 2014 GR Wine, Beer & Wine Show on @VolunteerSpot today!

Not able to volunteer but would like to support by making a financial donation?  Select the Donate Now button to the right.  100% of all donations go to support Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

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